One of the things that set me apart from other photographers, is this novel idea I developed a few years ago when the ‘film look’ or Instagram filters were virtually non-existent. It’s an innovative, film emulation process I home-brewed for close to a year.

Inspired by the look of the best film shooters in the world, I set out on a quest to achieve a distinct likeness of some of the best film-based output, from the color, contrast, and even to the grain, despite using digital cameras and an all digital workflow. In a sea of ubiquitous, off-the-shelf tools that EVERY photographer or studio uses, my very own magic sauce I called Filmtastic, has introduced a unique, timeless, artful flavour seen through my eyes, nostalgic for the medium I started my photography with – Film.

Filmtastic brings a distinctive, magical, organic, film-based look to my digital photographs. Gorgeous, dreamy detail; vibrant, lifelike colors; honest, softly grained black & whites.

Now, people have gushed beyond the magic sauce and made ‘Filmtastic’ synonymous with our clean, natural, thoughtful shooting style and consistent, elegant visual signature.