Life’s big surprises sometimes come in lovely little packages. Such is the coming of our new, little baby girl that completes our family’s dream. What was once just a whisper of prayer, is now an embrace of God we have truly felt within our family.

This spur-of-the-moment shoot was actually done just three days before my wife gave birth. As we anticipate Jana’s birth with these photos, we celebrate that fleeting precious time being just a small family of three. And no less, I honor in photographs, my wife’s profound milestones — being a wonderful, bonafide mom, and the being the most beautiful pregnant woman I’ve known (and have the sheer luck of being married to!).

Much love and huge thanks to my brothers John Lucas Reyes and Paulo Magsaysay, and our very good friend Aira Franco for all the last minute help in making this such a memorable time.

Art Direction, Maternity Solo Portraits: J Lucas Reyes | Family Portraits: Paulo Magsaysay & John Lucas Reyes | Couple Portraits: John Lucas Reyes | Jace’s Portraits: Paulo Magsaysay | Styling: Aira Franco | Venue: Pinto Art Gallery

Today is the day our son is born. And with these photographs, my wife and I ought to celebrate the overwhelming end of this journey, and the start of a new one. To God be the glory.

Maternity photographs by J Lucas Reyes
Cat and J’s Portraits by John Lucas Reyes
Special thanks to Lace Tan of I Love Koi for Cat’s bandeau