I’m J Lucas Reyes, a fine art photographer based in Manila, Philippines. I love capturing life’s milestones in the distinct, organic charm of my home-brewed Filmtastic™. My goal has always been to thoughtfully craft an exquisitely vivid, natural, personal experience, one that blends the fleeting wonder of life-changing milestones like engagements, weddings, and family with the lasting romance and timelessness of fine art.

The result is elegant, effortless, thoughtful photographs that stand out in a rich, inspiring Filmtastic™ look and an unmistakably genuine, romantic flair.

Words couldn’t come better than from people that have shared their momentous days with us.

Unassuming, unstereotypical, and undeniably talented.

Subtle, classy, tasteful, artistic. Amazingly beautiful. Images that scream of quiet, real love.

Natural yet emotional. I never seen black and whites so powerful. Stunning moments frozen in beautiful slow motion.

I’ve never gotten so “kilig” about a photographer’s work as much as yours have got me.

There is something about your work that speaks to me, that makes your couples’ love so real, I can almost touch it.

Gorgeous. Joyfully dreamy. Simply divine.

Beyond words. A recipe for perfection.

JLR only covers one event a day, and is available for travel assignments.
Please email for more info.

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