Krystle and Derek’s wedding has modern romance written all over it. There are beautiful weddings, and rare are those that rock at the same time.

The experience was made even more memorable having the chance to work with the chilled-out guys of MangoRed, whom I’ve admired long before I became a wedding photographer. Big, big thanks for the help on our slideshow. And of course, props goes to my team of brothers that back me up, Paulo Magsaysay and John Lucas Reyes for the incredible additional photos.

More photos here on my Facebook page.

Gown: Cary Santiago
Entourage Gowns: Veejay Floresca
HMUA: Xeng Zulueta & Felicity Son
Flowers: Robert Blancaflor
Band: Taken by Cars (Derek ‘Siopao’ Chua on guitar)

Finally, it pushed through. For Krystle and Derek it’s been quite a wait and a journey towards their engagement, which coincidentally is my first Ting-hun experience. A private family affair, it was an interesting and eventful observance of a revered tradition set in modern times. The coolest thing though, is shooting a couple that actually can’t stand posing for 10 seconds, which makes almost everything here immensely candid.

Pure pastel hues, cool delightful greens, and fresh skin tones are just golden, after perfecting my home-brewed Filmtastic™ look.

Cheers to you guys, see you in November.

Gear: Canon 5DmkII/Filmtastic™ + Nikon FG20/Fuji 400H
Gown: Veejay Floresca
MUA: Xeng Zulueta
Hair: Felicity Son
Additional Photos: Paulo Magsaysay & John Reyes