Some things do come full circle at our lifetime. Quite memorable reminiscing Eileen and Charles’ engagement last year as we shot it at a very special place to me – where I rediscovered my deep love for photography 5 years ago after a hiatus of more than 10 years. And an amazing coincidence, this was also the place wherein I decided to take a leap of faith in the current direction I’m taking now with my photography, that found me wandering in Paris, Florence, Siena, Rome, and especially Tuscany, Italy for bounds of inspiration a few months after.

Thoroughly enjoyed the glorious light, undulating terrain, and incredible scenery on this shoot. Eileen and Charles’ spark-filled chemistry is wonderful icing on the cake.

Styled by Aira Franco | Hair and Makeup by Fritz Mortel

If there is one thing I can liken to warmth of to the Tuscan sun in the Philippines, it’s the sunset in the hills of Antipolo. And Rizza and Buddy have been extremely lucky to have one of the best sunsets I’ve ever shot there grace their magical engagement session. Effortlessly dolled up by Aira Franco and Fritz Mortel.

The sun has been terribly elusive, and rain has become a daunting challenge – that in Jo and Allan’s memorable shoot, we only had a half hour window of fleeting golden light and dry land to make everything happen and unfold. And it did, with breathtaking sincerity and grace.

So blessed working again on an engagement with this wonderful team.

Floral wreath: Vatel Manila | Stylist: Aira Franco | Hair and Makeup: Fritz Mortel | Video: Daniel Lei Studio

Every once in a while, simplicity comes out as a delightful surprise.

Makeup by Mayone Bakunawa-Balbarin.